Why You Should Try Teami’s 30 Day Detox Kit To Start Your New Year Right

Why You Should Try Teami’s 30 Day Detox Kit To Start Your New Year Right

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For many people out there the new year symbolizes a fresh start- the best time to make resolutions and stick to them. While self-care is one of the top 10 resolutions of 2022, not many people know how to start and maintain the course, which leads to dwindling motivation as the weeks progresses. So this year, UAE’s favorite vegan beauty brand Teami Blends is ready to guide the lost souls who are fumbling their way through self-care detox routines this new year.

“Detoxing is not a one-time process, but rather a lifestyle,” says Vanessa Douglas, President, and CEO of Plutas Trading DMCC, Teami’s exclusive distributor across the UAE. “Many people believe that following a detox diet for a couple of days will improve their gut health and set their body straight, which is a very big mistake. To do it right, you need the right products and the best guidance.”

If a detox routine is part of your self-care goals, Teami’s 30 Day Detox program is a wonderful way to kickstart your healthy lifestyle. The detox kit consists of two of the brand’s best proprietary tea blends- Teami Skinny Tea and Teami Colon. Both tea blends are unique concoctions created from the highest quality, premium loose tea leaves and other plant-based ingredients that can cleanse your body and boost your gut health. The Teami 30 day detox program recommends drinking skinny tea every morning and colon tea every other night before bedtime.

“Teami’s detox program is effortless and a perfect fit for everyone’s lifestyle,” continues Vanessa. “If you feel like your body needs a reset, the 30-day detox is something you must try.”

The ingredients in skinny tea, namely Yerba Mate, Oolong Tea and Jiaogulan are active plant-based ingredients that can give you a natural energy boost to last the day without leaving you feeling jumpy or jittery. On the other hand, colon tea, containing Rhubarb Root, Hawthorn Berry Extract: Hawthorn berry and Lotus Leaves help in flushing out the toxins from your body and restore your gut health for healthy digestion. By combining the effects of both these specialty brews, you will be able to naturally cleanse and detox your body without the need for fad diets and energy loss.

Shop for the Teami 30 day detox kit from Teami Blends UAE’s official website today. 

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