Press the Reset Button on Your Body With Teami Colon Lemon

Press the Reset Button on Your Body With Teami Colon Lemon

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Does eating good foods alone ensure good health? If you said yes, here are a few more things you must take into perspective. All food, whether you eat healthy or not, is ultimately broken down in the gut into simpler compounds so that they can enter the bloodstream and reach the cells as nutrients. This seemingly simple process can only happen if your digestive system is healthy and working efficiently. But more often than not, people suffer from digestive issues by intaking junk and toxins through their daily meals. This in turn reduces the body's nutrient absorption.

“Most of us overlook our gut health despite trying everything under the sun to stay healthy,” says Vanessa Douglas, President, and CEO of Plutas Trading DMCC, Teami’s exclusive distributor across the UAE. “Toxins enter our system over time, leading to change in the bacterial metabolites and loss of bacterial diversity in the gut, which in turn affects our energy and metabolism.”

A healthy gut is therefore vital for our general health and wellbeing. A healthy gut consists of useful bacteria and immune cells that can ward off infectious agents like viruses, bacteria and fungi and works in sync with the brain to maintain the body’s balance. Unfortunately, the buildup of toxins leads to an unhealthy gut, which causes symptoms like upset stomach, lack of sleep, fatigue, heartburn, cravings, food intolerance, allergies, unexplained weight loss or gain etc.

To combat these issues, you need to cleanse and detox your digestive system. Teami Colon Lemon tea is one such product that helps reset your body by detoxifying and maintaining a healthy gut. The active plant-based ingredients in this proprietary blend such as Rhubarb root, Hawthorn berry extract and Lotus leaves work in tandem to gently cleanse your gut and aid healthy digestion and absorption. The refreshing lemon flavor also makes this tea your favorite drink in no time, while showering your gut with the love, attention and detox it deserves.

Teami recommends taking the Colon tea every other night, right before bedtime, to allow its natural ingredients to work their magic while you rest after a hectic day. Shop for this best-selling blend from the Teami Blend UAE website today.

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