Teami superfood moisturizer

Winter Skincare Tips For Dry Skin

It’s December and the UAE winters are almost upon us. While the cool weather is a welcome change to the people in this desert country, it does take a toll on everyone’s skin. Winter can be drying for all skin types. You may notice that your skin is drier and flakier during the next few months due to the cold air, low humidity levels, winter winds, and dry indoor heating. Your face, hands, feet, and other exposed areas will be stripped off of moisture, leaving your skin looking dry and less radiant than usual. To combat this change, it’s time to fine-tune your skincare routine to suit the new season.

“It is very important to keep our skin moisturized throughout the winter season to keep it healthy,” says Vanessa Douglas, President, and CEO of Plus Trading DMCC, exclusive distributors of Teami across the UAE. “By incorporating organic skincare products that help moisturize our skin and keep it hydrated throughout the day, we can escape the dryness brought upon by the cold weather.”

Being one of the UAE’s most trusted natural skin brands, Teami Blends has some versatile products that can quench your dry skin and keep it supple and hydrated all day long. For everyday protection and moisturization, Teami Superfood Moisturizer is a great choice. This lightweight daily cream leaves the skin hydrated without any greasy or sticky residue. The unique formula is instantly absorbed into the skin, allowing the phytonutrients in the product to hydrate and nourish.

For additional protection against the cold winter weather, Teami Blends recommends the Hibiscus Infused Vitamin C Serum. Unlike other serums, this Vitamin C enriched product takes less than 30 seconds to get absorbed into the skin. The weightless formula is deeply hydrating and makes your skin radiant. 

“All of Teami’s products feature refreshing tea-based formulas that are rich in powerful, skin boosting antioxidants, necessary to keep the holistic balance of our skin,” continues Vanessa. “Where most moisturizers use artificial chemicals, silicones and synthetic fragrances that leave the skin greasy and oily, Teami uses a hundred percent natural, non-comedogenic and vegan formula that is completely safe for the skin and absorbs easily into the skin.”

By including Teami Blends moisturizing products into your morning and nighttime beauty routines, you fight the cold weather and keep your skin soft, supple and bright throughout the season. To make a purchase, visit the website today.