Teami Focus

Can’t Focus? Improve Mental Clarity & Productivity Levels With Teami Focus From Teami Blends

We all feel drained and out of sorts after a busy day. With millions of things running in our brain every day, it is easy for our mind to get fogged and lose focus, making us drag our feet till bedtime. So it’s safe to assume that at one point, every one of us has wished for a mental boost that can help us focus and work productively.

What if there is a special brew that can help clear your head and take things one at a time? Made from a combination of some of the finest green tea leaves and other plant-based ingredients, this unique blend is designed to naturally improve focus, increase mental clarity and thereby, help you be more productive. The ingredients work in tandem, keeping you focused and motivated to do your daily tasks, while the peppermint flavor with undertones of stevia sweetness leaves the tea tasting oh-so-delicious.

“It’s safe to say that Teami Blend’s Focus Tea is more than just your average green tea. Every ingredient in this unique blend is believed to be beneficial in their own way,” says Vanessa Douglas, President and CEO of Plutas Trading DMCC, exclusive distributors of Teami across the UAE.

The Focus Tea features yerba mate, a green tea known to enhance alertness and increase reaction time, guayusa, a popular South American tea famous for boosting energy levels and Panax ginseng, an East Asian herb containing compounds that may boost energy, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress and leave you invigorated. Focus tea also contains other hand-selected vegan ingredients such as peppermint leaf, Assam black tea leaf, guarana seeds, goji berries, stevia leaf, ginkgo Biloba Leaf, all-natural L-theanine suntheanine and all-natural tea extract. While this blend is flavourful and effective on its own, you can also add honey, lemon, or nectar as a natural sweetener if needed to soothe your taste buds and enjoy crash-less energy all day long.

“People lack focus towards the end of the day, which is quite natural. Unfortunately our day doesn’t end with the 9 to 5 job. Focus tea is a blessing to those of us who need to go the extra mile, with better focus and energy,” continues Vanessa. “ With Focus tea, you can bid goodbye to the mental exhaustion and work with renewed energy.”

Teami Blends offer a range of green tea brews, each targeted to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Our Focus tea is one of the most popular ones, containing the goodness of green tea and freshness of peppermint, ideal for everyone who needs the focus, confidence and motivation to live their life to the fullest.

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