Ways to Detox your body during Ramadan

Ways to Detox your body during Ramadan

Ayman Mallick
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Fasting during Ramadan can be viewed as a holistic detox for the mind and body. By incorporating positive practices into their daily routine, Muslims can cleanse their minds and souls of negative thoughts and behaviours. Similarly, adopting healthy eating habits during this time can serve as a physical detox for the body, allowing it to release toxins and recharge with nourishing nutrients. By prioritizing mental and physical detoxification, Muslims can fully embrace the benefits of Ramadan.

In this blog, we will discuss this Holy month, what it means for people, how to prepare for it, and how to make the most of it by giving your body the love it deserves. We will help you learn more about how healthy diets and supplements can help you cleanse your body as Ramadan cleanses your soul. 

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is a holy month observed by billions of Muslims around the world, marked by fasting from dawn to dusk for around 30 days. Muslims fast during Ramadan as a way of demonstrating their devotion and submission to God. 

Fasting (sawm) is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, along with prayer (salah), charity (zakat), the declaration of faith (shahada), and the pilgrimage to Makkah (hajj). By abstaining from food, drink, and other physical needs from sunrise to sunset during this month, Muslims seek to purify their minds and bodies, cultivate self-discipline, and empathize with those who may be less fortunate. 


It is also a time for spiritual reflection, prayer, and community, as Muslims come together to break their fast and engage in acts of charity and worship. So, fasting during Ramadan is a deeply meaningful and transformative practice for Muslims around the world.

Preparing for Ramadan

To prepare for Ramadan, Muslims all over the world have several things they need to get ready. They stock up on food for their suhoor (morning meal before sunrise) and iftar (evening meal to break the fast), and they make arrangements for their prayers at home as well as in Mosques. They also set personal goals for achieving growth in almost all aspects of their lives. 

The need for detoxing during Ramadan

During this month, people may experience sudden changes in their diet and lifestyles which affect their body’s functioning. Long hours of fasting as well as sudden changes in eating patterns can lead to bloating and constipation. 

Some even end up consuming large amounts of sugary or high-fat foods during their iftar that end up putting a strain on their livers and other organs that filter out the toxins from their bodies. 

This is why a detox may be beneficial during and after Ramadan. By incorporating foods and supplements that promote healthy digestion and support liver function, such as probiotics, leafy greens, and herbal teas, people can help their bodies eliminate waste and toxins more effectively. 

Additionally, staying hydrated and engaging in gentle exercise can support the body's natural detoxification processes. A post-Ramadan detox can also help people transition back to their normal eating habits and support their body's recovery from any stress or strain incurred during the month of fasting.

Supplements that can help

Maintaining a good, healthy diet may be a bit difficult so supplements can be a great choice. You can get all the nutrients you need in a quick and easy (and delicious!) way~ 

Some of the best supplements you can check out for the month of Ramadan are - 


One of the ways you can help maintain your body and belly balance during Ramadan is with Teami’s Gut Love supplement~

Each serving of this Probiotic-Prebiotic supplement contains 7 different strains and 20 billion probiotics. These are beneficial bacteria that help support regular digestion, get rid of that pesky bloating feeling, and promote well-being from the inside out. Adding this supplement to your daily routine during Ramadan (and even otherwise) is a great way for you to invest in your gut health. 


It’s an unflavoured supplement that you can add to your juices, smoothies, or even some of your cooking. The perfect way to balance your belly after a day of fasting. 


Another essential supplement that you can benefit from during Ramadan is Hydrate~

This is a delicious electrolyte supermix by Teami that will provide your body with the nutrients and minerals it needs. Staying hydrated is essential during Ramadan, and Hydrate will be the perfect supplement for that. It has many beneficial ingredients such as - 

  • CALCIUM - which helps with healthy bones and muscles
  • MAGNESIUM - which helps with producing energy as well as supporting nerve function
  • CHLORIDE & SODIUM - which controls blood pressure and volume
  • POTASSIUM - which helps nerve function as well as moving nutrients into cells and waste products out of the cells


Why electrolytes are important

Electrolytes are minerals found in the body that help to regulate fluid balance, muscle function, and other important bodily processes. During Ramadan, the body can lose significant amounts of electrolytes while fasting. This can lead to dehydration, fatigue, and muscle cramps, especially during the hot summer months. 

Consuming foods and drinks rich in electrolytes, such as coconut water, bananas, and sports drinks, can help to replenish these vital minerals and keep the body properly hydrated during the fast. Hydrate gives that extra boost you need to keep your body functioning optimally. 


Teami’s 30-Day Detox Kit is a one-stop solution for detoxing for Ramadan. This kit naturally refreshes and resets your body by cleansing in just two simple steps -

  • Drink a cup of Skinny Tea every morning (during suhoor)
  • Drink a cup of Colon Tea every other night (after iftar)


Your body will get the extra love and care it deserves with the help of this kit. Coupled with a healthy diet, the Detox Kit is the perfect way to keep your body clean during and after Ramadan. 


This Holy Month of Ramadan is the perfect opportunity for Muslims to cleanse their mind, body, and souls. Following healthy habits in life and your diet is a must to replenish the body after long hours of fasting. Consuming the right supplements can also help tremendously. Supplements to support digestion, keep you hydrated and energized, and feel your absolute best are essential this Ramadan. So invest in your well-being with Teami and be prepared for Ramadan!

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