Vegan Protein Powder In The UAE

Vegan Protein Powder In The UAE

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Protein powder is one of the most commonly used supplements by people who regularly work out. The idea behind consuming protein powders is to help muscle growth, repair tissue repair, and produce enzymes and hormones. Thanks to its powdered texture it's easy to add to our diets and easy for our bodies to digest. Amino acids found in pea protein powders for example help break down food. When deciding which protein to purchase it's imperative to read the ingredients they're made with. It’s a matter of choosing the right kind for your body or dietary issue. The two most popular kinds of protein are When and Vegan, we may find ourselves wondering which is better, whey or vegan protein powder? Did you know there are seven different types of protein powder?

1. Mixed

2. Pea

3. Egg

4. Soy

5. Rice 

6. Hemp

7. Whey

People with dietary restrictions or allergies couldn’t always able to enjoy protein powders since they weren't always an option for substitution. Vegan protein powder is formulated from various plants, which is beneficial to those who are lactose intolerant, while whey protein is formulated from cow’s milk. Known as animal-based protein. Now that we're entering the era of health consciousness, we're developing new and innovative ways to use protein powders, such as in baking recipes, everyday drinks, etc.

1.      Dairy-Free option 

If you have lactose intolerance,  you might wonder what the benefits of vegan protein powder are. With Vegan protein, you won't risk having any digestive issues that you would experience with other protein powders. Did you know there are three different types of lactose intolerance, primary, secondary and developmental? This is an intolerance that's relatively common among people. Not only is vegan protein something lactose intolerant people can enjoy, but also people choosing to live a vegan lifestyle. Signs we can watch out for if we aren't entirely sure whether or not we have a dairy intolerance are:

Stomach cramps 

Bloated stomach

Feeling ill

Grumbling stomach


2.    Muscle Growth

Some people believe that vegan protein doesn’t deliver the same results and benefits such as muscle growth as regular whey protein, but this is not true. For optimal muscle growth, it’s suggested to consume around 1.2-2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Gaining muscle mass is not a walk in the park. It takes dedication and consistency, but most significant of all is patience. Protein powder is a key component to growing muscle mass, other factors such as exercise are also very crucial. It's all about finding the right combination of exercises and routines to help target the right areas that we want to improve. Protein powders contain amino acids that our bodies need for muscle building. Amino acids are categorized into three sections, essential, non-essential and conditional. The group known as essential is what is important to remember, this particular group is fundamental to helping the body’s muscles grow as well as relieving sore muscles muscle soreness.

3.    Pea Protein

One of the most popular ingredients used in vegan protein powders is pea protein. Not only is it a high source of protein but it’s also extremely rich in iron. The body uses iron to carry a protein called myoglobin. This protein may deliver oxygen to our muscles to help prevent any achy feeling in our joints. Our hunger/ appetite is reportedly known to reduce when we ingest pea protein. Another great nutritional benefit of pea protein is its flexibility if you follow a vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free diet. Pea protein is made by extracting the protein found in yellow peas, then converting it into a beige-like powder. This kind of dietary supplement is easy for the body to absorb and digest. This is all thanks to the seemingly low amount of irritants and lack of allergens such as dairy or soy that cause some people digestive issues

4.    Healthy ways to utilize protein powders

When thinking if it’s a smart idea to live a vegan lifestyle, we may conclude that we won't be able to enjoy certain foods. A vegan diet removes any products from animals, including meat and dairy products. This lifestyle has changed so much over the years but has also become part of everyday life. For example, restaurant menus typically indicate now what foods are vegan-friendly. Multiple vegan cafes or in some cases grocery stores have sections where vegan foods are, and the list continues. The traditional way to incorporate protein into your diet is by adding a scoop to your morning or post-workout shake/smoothie. Switching things up can be exciting. People get creative and experiment with ways to use protein powder in more than one way! Staying on track with our healthy lifestyle can be challenging as we want to be proficient enough to enjoy our favourite foods without the consequence of unhealthy eating. You can still enjoy some of our favourite treats using protein powder by finding recipes that use it) A variety of homemade baking goods such as cookies, cakes, granola bars etc. Simple yet effective recipes to kill two birds with one stone. Enjoy your favourite treats while getting a boost of protein.

When you consider all of the health benefits of vegan protein powder and how simple it is to start using it in our daily lives, it’s very appealing. Do you want to build muscle, add protein, and get more iron or fibre? There are countless ways we can incorporate a scoop of protein powder into our everyday lives.

No matter what kind of dietary lifestyle we live, vegan, dairy-free etc, an allergy or dietary restriction will no longer be an issue. With so many options, it’s easier than ever to incorporate them into your daily foods such as smoothies, oatmeal, fruit and yogurt, pancakes, etc. You can be as innovative as you want with tasty recipes or keep it simple and enjoy it as a drink.

Regardless of your reasons, improving one's health is always a positive goal to try and achieve!


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