Teami Blends UAE: Vegan, Cruelty-Free, 100% Natural Products

Teami Blends UAE: Vegan, Cruelty-Free, 100% Natural Products

Teami Blends
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There is little doubt that the future of the beauty industry lies with vegan and cruelty-free products. As more people are educating themselves in the need for sustainable practices moving forward, wellness and beauty product companies across the globe are actively trying to do their bit in being ethical and socially responsible on this front.

Teami Blends is one such brand that has always upheld the standards for introducing clean, conscious, vegan, and cruelty-free natural skincare products. Every one of tea-infused products features plant-based ingredients that are long believed to have health benefits. The ingredients are also ethically sourced and sustainably harvested ingredients with minimal carbon emissions.

 “Teami’s products are redefining what it means to have healthy and radiant skin,” says Vanessa Douglas, President, and CEO of Plutas Trading DMCC, exclusive distributors of Teami across the UAE. “Keeping with the true meaning of vegan, all their skincare products are derived from plants, with zero animal ingredients or by-products. The products are also cruelty-free and certified by Leaping Bunny since 2019, making it appealing to a larger audience who are genuinely conscious about the world we live in.”

As a lifestyle brand focused on creating all-around wellness and outer beauty skincare products, that are tea infused and filled with recognizable, beneficial ingredients. One of their all-time best sellers is the Hibiscus Infused Vitamin-C serum. This unique and lightweight blend is enriched in Vitamin C and the goodness of Hibiscus flower and gets quickly absorbed into the skin, making it visibly brighter and smoother. All of their other vegan skincare products also refrain from the use of GMO ingredients, synthetic dyes, added fragrance, alcohol, harmful chemicals, parabens, sulfate and water. 

“All of Teami’s products are gentle and suit most skin types,” continues Vanessa. “If you have been searching forever for vegan and cruelty-free, au naturale skincare products, Teami Blends are a great choice.”

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