Facial Moisturisers: Tips, Benefits, And How To Apply It

Facial Moisturisers: Tips, Benefits, And How To Apply It

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Do you wish for year-round smooth and supple skin like a baby’s? If you said yes, it is time to invest your time and effort to take care of it. And what’s one thing you must never skip in your skincare routine to get that silky smooth skin? It's a face moisturizer, folks!

Facial moisturizer is a straightforward product. As the name suggests, it moisturizes your skin and locks in hydration. But then the million-dollar question arises- do you need a facial moisturizer? 

The short answer is yes. Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, using a good moisturizer comes with many benefits. So in this blog, we will break down the uses of moisturizers and how to apply them like a boss to get that smooth and soft skin you wish to flaunt.

Facial moisturizer- The essentials

Before you go ahead and buy some product that claims to be the best facial moisturizer in the market, it is important to know your skin type. Your skin type essentially determines your skincare routine and the kind of products you should invest in. Although there are a few natural facial moisturizers like the Superfood moisturizer from Teami Blends that are suitable for all skin types, knowing the nature of your skin will help you work out how to, how much and how many times you need to apply it.

  • If you have dry skin, you must never skip out on using a moisturizer. Dry skin needs a powerful moisturizer that contains active ingredients capable of replenishing the skin’s barrier to prevent moisture loss. You must also apply the moisturizer whenever you feel like your skin is drying up to maintain its effect. 
  • For combination skin types, you need to be a little more careful when choosing the right moisturizer to not cause your oily T-zone area to get breakouts after moisturizing. Lightweight natural facial moisturizers that are water-based and oil-free are better than thick creamy moisturizers for combination skins. You can reapply a moisturizer on drier areas as and when needed.
  • Oily skin is more acne-prone than other skin types. This is due to excess sebum production, leading to clogged pores. Even so, contrary to popular beliefs, oily skin also requires moisturizing to combat skin inflammation and promote faster cell turnover. However, ensure that you are using lightweight natural facial moisturizers like Teami’s Superfood moisturizer that is easily absorbed into the skin without any residue.

Apart from your skin type, the ingredients in your facial moisturizer are also an important consideration. The ingredients in your moisturizer should hydrate, nourish and balance the pH of your skin all day long. While many moisturizers do the part of hydration, they rarely have the holistic skin calming properties needed for your skin.

In Teami’s Superfood moisturizer, matcha green tea is one of the star ingredients which is rich in skin-boosting antioxidants. The matcha green tea along with Avocado (containing Vit A, D, E, Potassium and lecithin) nourishes the skin, leaving it with a healthy glow. The Olive derived squalane is an anti-aging superfood that can balance oil production and control shine. Hemp is another ingredient in the superfood moisturizer that moisturizes the skin without clogging the pores or leaving a greasy residue. The moisturizer also contains sodium PCA derived from fruits and coconut oil, and contributes to the formula’s skin-replenishing properties, ensuring complete hydration of the skin. 

Only a handful of natural facial moisturizers in the market are airy, lightweight and easily absorbed like the Superfood moisturizer, and perform multiple functions in keeping the skin healthy and glowing. You can either choose a universal moisturizer like the Superfood moisturizer or go for a specialized formula for your skin type, targeting particular skin issues. Either way, you must apply a moisturizer daily to ensure the overall health of your skin. 

Not convinced? Here are 7 benefits to help you make an informed decision.

Benefits of a facial moisturizer

  • Hydrates the skin
  • Moisturizers hydrate the skin, preventing it from drying out. Your skin can dry out due to several reasons including cold or hot weather, hot showers, or wind. To combat this loss of moisture from the surface of the skin, a moisturizing product needs to be applied every time after washing the face to trap water in the skin and prevent it from drying out.

  • Anti-aging effects
  • Applying moisturizer to your face daily is the most fundamental step to maintaining youthful skin. Moisturizer prevents premature aging of the skin as it reduces the damage caused by drying of the skin. Dry skin is more susceptible to cracks, flaking and peeling, all of which will lead to lines and wrinkles on the skin in the long run. Hydrating and moisturizing will boost the skin's ability to produce collagen, repairing itself, which in turn will give you a more youthful look.

  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Most facial moisturizers also contain skin-nourishing ingredients which promote skin health. Our skin takes the toll of genetics, hormonal changes, nutrient deficit, dehydration, pollution and every other external stressor we come across. As a result, it requires proper nourishment to retain its appearance and functionality. Although moisturizing is not a one-stop fix to keep all your skin problems away, the active ingredients in the product can offer relief to many symptoms, improving the overall health of the skin.

  • Improved cell regeneration
  • The use of moisturizers is linked to faster cell turnover. Our skin is constantly producing new skin cells deep in the dermis and wiith age, this regeneration process slows down. However, along with a better diet, facial moisturizers are known to encourage this regeneration process, bringing back the youthfulness of the skin. Products containing Vitamin A, minerals and fatty acids are believed to improve the cell turnover rate. So don’t forget to apply a Vitamin A enriched facial moisturizer after cleansing and exfoliation to nourish and maintain young and healthy cells at the skin surface.

  • Protection against toxins and UV rays
  • A good quality facial moisturizer can also repair and protect the lipid barrier on the skin, preventing toxic pollutants in the environment and the sun’s UV rays from damaging the skin. The moisturizers add a layer of protection along with sunscreens to improve the effectiveness of your morning skincare routine.

  • Reduce skin inflammations
  • Many facial moisturizers contain antimicrobial and antioxidant ingredients which help reduce skin inflammations and irritations. Inflamations occur when pollutants and bacteria trigger the immune system, which in turn defend the body from attacks. This in turn appears as inflammations on the skin. The moisturizers act as a barrier between the skin and the environment, keeping immune triggers away from the surface of the skin. Facial moisturizers are also used to control and soothe redness, itchy patches, rashes and swelling caused by skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

  • A natural makeup base
  • A quality moisturizer also acts as a base for applying makeup. After cleansing and exfoliation, applying a moisturizer will not only keep the skin hydrated and happy but also prepare it for applying makeup. As the moisturizer gets absorbed into the skin reducing the appearance of flakes and pores, the makeup will look more natural and radiant.

    How to apply moisturizer correctly?

    Now that we learned the benefits of moisturizers, let us learn how to apply them correctly to maximize their benefits.

    • Clean your face thoroughly before applying a moisturizing cream. Cleanse and exfoliate to remove all kinds of surface debris including dead skin cells, pollutants and excess oil from the face before applying moisturizing cream.
    • Always apply moisturizer on your face using your hands. Wash your hands and squeeze a little moisturizer into your hands. Now work the product into your skin in gentle circular movements. 
    • During your morning routine, make sure to use your moisturizer along with sunscreen or a moisturizer with an SPF factor.


    If healthy skin is something you have always wanted, it is time to get your skincare routines sorted. At the very minimum, you must invest in a good cleanser and a natural facial moisturizer to keep your face soft, supple and free from flaking and breakouts.

    If you are looking for a vegan, cruelty-free and Non-GMO facial moisturizer without any artificial chemicals, silicones and synthetic fragrances, Teami Blend’s Superfood Moisturizer is the best product that you can get your hands on. Get the product today from the Teami Blends UAE website.

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